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We use only 100% A2 protein milk sourced from grass fed cows in Ireland

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At Grass to Milk company our goal is to bring global consumers the highest quality and healthiest dairy products Ireland has to offer while adhering to sustainable farming practices that protect our environment. We follow a grass to glass principle to ensure we strictly control our farm environment, how our cows are treated and most importantly what our cows eat. We ensure our cows graze freely for over 320 days a year and eat a natural diet made up almost entirely of grass, allowing you the consumer the freedom to enjoy the highest quality, safest, healthiest, and most nutritious dairy products sourced from happy and healthy cows.

Our products are all based on the core foundational elements of using 100% A2 protein milk sourced from grass fed cows. We functionalize our products even further by fortifying with key ingredients supported by the strongest scientific evidence. We use state of the art pasteurizing and packing facilities and deliver our finished products in the state-of-the-art Tetra Prisma pack and use the convenient dreamcap to ensure we capture and retain all the freshness and allow consumers to enjoy our healthy and nutritious products on the go.

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