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Grass to Milk Company operates to the regulations and standards required in the various markets that it operates in. The unique A2 protein milk is sourced in Ireland from grass fed cows and complies with all the relevant Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine regulations. 

Our products have been formulated to comply with the relevant GB standards required in our target market, China.

Regulatory compliance of our products at every stage of the supply chain is an integral and important part of the Grass to Milk Company operation.

Grass to Milk Company have implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management system as appropriate to the Business. This system ensures that processes and procedures are in place at each stage of the supply chain with the overall objective of producing a quality and safe product which exceeds our customer expectations.

Grass to Milk operates to the highest standards of Food Safety and Quality Management and has implemented a system compliant with the requirements for the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers.

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Further certifications
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